Help Wanted: Tourism/Event/Convention Center Coordinator

The city of Truth or Consequences recently announced a job opening for Tourism/Event/Convention Center Coordinator.

The objective of the position is to increase city revenues through continued branding and marketing of the city. The scope of work priorities consists of planning, booking, coordinating, and scheduling conventions, site visits, press trips, and bus tours.

The position will require familiarization and cooperation with local regional, state, national, and international markets as they relate to the city.

The position is appointed by and reports directly to the City Manager.

It’s a 20-hr-per-week position that starts at $14.54/hour, or higher depending on qualifications.

Essential duties include:

  • Maintain consistency with city’s brand.
  • Work with others to he;p coordinate the best marketing plan for the city.
  • Collaborate with the advertising campaigns and assist in efforts to effectively reach the most markets with available funds.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with the State Tourism Department.
  • Offer expertise and resources to event planners and facilitators who are putting on local events
  • Stay apprised of press release opportunities and and provide press release resources for all events and newsworthy situations that promote the city and area.
  • Post news, events,and other items on social media and the city website.
  • Maintain an office at the Civic Center to plan, promote, and book events.
  • Stay abreast of local tourism initiatioves
  • provide a quarterly update to City Commission
  • Collaborate with the Lodgers Tax Board to insure available lodgers tax is spent efficiently.
  • Enthusiastically maintain a convention and tourism presence on the city’s website.

Candidates who can speak English and Spanish and have a Tourism/Marketing degree are preferred. Two years of tourism/marketing experience are preferred.

The full description and application is available from the city’s Human Resources Department.