Ted Turner

Questions remain as company seeks to re-open long-defunct copper mine

Now, New Mexico Copper Corporation, a subsidiary of THEMAC Resources Group, is trying to reopen a copper mine that ran for just a few months in the early [...]

Ted Turner Is on a Mission to Save Everything

If mountains are said to loom, to appear suddenly in portentous size, no range quite so captures the sudden part as Fra Cristobal, a 17-by-7-mile massif [...]

A Turning Point in Turner Country

Right after you go past the Bosque del Apache while driving down I-25, you cut through a corner of the Armendaris Ranch. Soon you come up along-side some [...]

Photography Workshops Coming to Truth or Consequences

Ted Turner Expeditions, the new eco-adventure company launched by the business mogul, invites the public to experience his scenic ranches in New Mexico on [...]