Help Wanted Roundup, Dec 2022

Dozens of jobs available in Truth or Consequences right now:

Jobs at the Bowling Alley (Facilities Specialist, Server…)

Jobs at the Hospital (CNA, Nurse, Clerk, Technician…)

Jobs with the City (Streets, Water, Police, Parks, Clerk, Utilities…)

Jobs with the County (Law Enforcement, Clerk…)

Jobs in the School System (Teachers, Custodial, Coaching, Office….) – call 575-894-8166

Jobs at the Sierra Grande Hotel & Spa (Activities Guide, Room Attendant, Dishwasher, Server, Cook…)

Jobs at Riverbend Hot Springs (Front Desk – apply in person.)

“New Mexico’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.1 percent in November, down from 4.3 percent in October and down from 6.0 percent in the previous year. The national unemployment rate in November was 3.7 percent, unchanged from October and down from 4.2 percent in November 2021.”