Battle over reinstating New Mexico solar tax credits begins anew

Ed. Note: While Representative Dow is presented as an opponent in this piece, according to the committee report, she appears to have voted in favor of extending the tax credit.

A mix of Republican and Democratic lawmakers are pushing again to reinstate a solar tax credit that they say is crucial to making renewable energy more affordable to New Mexicans.

The House Labor and Economic Development Committee voted 8-4 Monday to advance the bill, as proponents said it would grow New Mexico’s solar industry, create jobs and lower energy bills.

Opponents of the measure, House Bill 61, countered that it unfairly allows government to favor certain businesses or energy sectors over others. They also argued that the tax credit would largely benefit higher-income households that can already afford the investment, and would siphon the state’s sparse funds from priorities such as education.

“This is the sort of tax credit that benefits middle- and upper-income” households, said Rep. Rebecca Dow, R-Truth or Consequences.

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