Nine Local Businesses Receive MainStreet Grants

[TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, JULY 2020]  MainStreet Truth or Consequences is pleased to announce that it has awarded over $3200 in grants to the following businesses:Pelican Spa, The Annex TorC, Rebel Roadrunner, Riverbend Hot Springs, Light of the Soul, Emergence Healing and Expressive Arts Center, TorC Brewing Co, Dog Mentors LLC, and Ingo’s Art Cafe.

Grant recipients were required to attend a Marketing Training led by a New Mexico MainStreet Revitalization Specialist. Following the training, they claimed their Google Business listings, made sure they were included on the NM tourism page, and filled out an Economic Impact Survey.

Business owners and managers that attended the training have expressed that what they learned will help them with their business marketing.Funds for this project came from a grant that Truth or Consequences MainStreet received from the New Mexico Resiliency Alliance. There are some funds from the grant that MainStreet TorC will use to amplify the efforts of our local marketing.

MainStreet Truth or Consequences is a grassroots nonprofit that is dedicated to making downtown Truth or Consequences a thriving district that serves both residents and visitors.