Footbridge Group Presents Progress to City Commission

A new feedback board was recently installed by the city in Rotary Park.

On July 22nd, 2020, local organizer Merry Jo Fahl and National Park Service Outdoor Recreation Planner Attila Bality presented an overview and progress to date to the T or C City Commission on the footbridge & trail system along the Rio Grande.

The basic vision is for two pedestrian footbridges, one in T or C and one in Williamsburg, with a trail connecting them. These amenities will be used by runners and hikers, but also bicyclists, birders, commuters, physical therapy patients, class field trips, high school sports teams, and all residents. The bridges could also be accompanied by water access amenities for tubers and kayakers.

The planning group consists of representatives from the Sierra County Tourism Board, the City of Truth or Consequences, the Village of Williamsburg, T or C Public Schools, New Mexico State Parks, Sierra County, the Bureau of Reclamation, and MainStreet Truth or Consequences.

The 7/22/2020 presentation is available here.