Local Farmers Launch Online Garlic Store

Local farmers Jessica Griffin and Wes Thompson of Hillsboro have launched an online platform
for selling this year’s crop of high quality heritage garlic. Their website, nmgarlic.com, offers a
variety of garlic packages as well as discounts for bulk orders.

Griffin and Thompson focus primarily on growing Siberian Red garlic, a hardneck variety with
large cloves and a high allicin content. Allicin is the antifungal and antibacterial component of
garlic and gives Siberian Red garlic a pungent, decidedly garlicky flavor. The couple also
creates value-added garlic products including high quality garlic powder, using dehydrated
Siberian Red garlic.

Griffin urges consumers to shop local this holiday season. “Purchasing garlic from small farmers
in New Mexico keeps our local economy strong and diverse,” she states. “We don’t use
questionable labor or growing practices and the end result is a high quality product that will
change your culinary experience and that you can feel good about spending your money on.”

New Mexico has an ideal climate for growing garlic and the crop produced here is highly valued,
especially in the northern half of the state. Garlic is planted in the fall and harvested in late
spring or early summer.

Griffin and Thompson are currently planting their crop for the 2019 harvest season.