Brewery Announces Three New Jobs

BreweryTruth or Consequences Brewing Company today announced an expansion of their team to include three new positions: Draft Technician, Assistant Manager, and Taproom Bartender. The  company said the new positions are being created to accommodate rapid growth in production and sales.

Draft Technician:  As a Draft Technician, you support both production and taproom staff by ensuring that delicious beer gets from the brewhouse to the customer’s glass in a perfect state. This is a production position, and that means you’ll be transferring beer between vessels, understanding and managing carbonation levels, cleaning and maintaining floors and equipment, and troubleshooting draft system issues. Because the proof of your success resides in bartenders pouring perfect beers for our guests, you’ll also provide general bartender support, making sure all the systems upon which they rely are working well, every day.

Assistant ManagerAs Assistant Taproom Manager, you provide the structure and leadership that ensure a fun, safe, positive taproom experience for our bartenders and guests. You do the background work required for the taproom to operate smoothly so bartenders are staged for success. Your duties include supervising and supporting bartenders, preventing and resolving safety issues, ensuring taproom technologies are in working order, preparing the cash bank, updating menus and signage, keeping the taproom clean and comfortable, and cordially interacting with guests. You anticipate the needs of guests – water, snacks, music genre/volume, food ordering, patio heaters/misters, etc.- and seamlessly create the needed changes. You have a keen interest in craft beer and creating “wow” experiences for guests. You suggest bartender trainings, report on customer feedback, monitor inventory, plan and organize events, and generate ideas for improvement. You are both in the trenches and prepare for the future. While this position has no direct reports, what you say goes when the General Manager is not present. You are positive, inclusive, calm, and confident no matter what’s happening.

Taproom BartenderTaproom Bartenders are the “personality” of the taproom and must treat guests with consideration, respect, and attentiveness at all times. Typical duties include taking orders, providing beer samples, explaining beer styles to guests, pouring and serving in compliance with draft, safety, and health standards, cleaning and sanitation of bar area, taproom, glassware, organization of the taproom and all bar equipment, keeping incident records, social media posting, having knowledge of local attractions (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.), administering customer surveys, taking direction from Taproom Lead Bartender, and advising on how to improve the taproom experience.

Full descriptions as well as wage and application information is available at: