USDA Rural Development helps advance New Mexico

USDA played a big role in growing New Mexico businesses, whether it was through building energy efficiency into local businesses through our Rural Energy for America program or providing extra security to lender’s business loans. We supported innovative value-added agricultural projects around the state that expanded opportunities for all the unique products we produce in New Mexico, such as chile, salsa and wine. We pushed hard to help credit flow where it was needed most by funding nonprofit organizations serving hundreds of New Mexico businesses through our re-lending programs.

USDA Rural Development excels at financing infrastructure, and during the last eight years we made historic leaps in infrastructure development. We financed more than 200 water and wastewater projects that now bring cleaner water to tens of thousands of New Mexicans. Many community hospitals, community centers and libraries received grants and loans from USDA. We also made massive upgrades to rural energy services and expanded broadband services to tens of thousands of residents across the state.

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