Truth or Consequences Brewing Provides Update to Rotary

Truth or Consequences Brewing CompanyOne of the entrepreneurs responsible for bringing a microbrewery to Truth or Consequences provided an update to T or C’s Rotary on Tuesday, September 20th. Marianne Blaue described her and co-founder husband John Masterson’s business backgrounds, and their reasons for relocating to T o C.

“When John and I moved here back in June, we didn’t know too much about Truth or Consequences. We knew it was beautiful, in the desert, a small town with lots of strengths in the arts, hot springs, recreation, and we had a very strong sense that talented people had been working to improve the town and make a difference, and that there was a lot of positive momentum.”

Ms. Blaue explained the projected timeline for the microbrewery’s opening at 410 Broadway downtown:

“It boils down to three big chunks: financing, licensing, and construction.  We’ve already invested in the building and some equipment, and now we are working with banks and economic development agencies to identify the smartest ways to finance the remainder of the project. Our state and federal license applications are in, and we anticipate receiving the licenses by January. Construction should begin in October, and so we’re hopeful for a March 2017 opening.”

Blaue and Masterson moved to T or C from Seattle, Washington.