Time To Be More Ambitious About Spaceport America

spaceport_america_logo_detailBusiness is personal. Companies have stories, and really good leaders become part of the story with the company. Leaders create, they influence and for sure, the good ones are ambitious and foster ambitions in their staff. Ambition is rampant in the commercial space community. Acceptance of ambitious women is still shaky ground for some. Bill McDermott, the CEO of SAP, wrote about his own ambition in his book “Winner’s Dream.” When he was hired at Xerox, he told his boss his ambition was to become the CEO. It was perfectly fine for him to say that out loud. The company nurtured his ambition, honed his sales skills and eventually groomed him for greater leadership opportunities. He took the tough assignments including becoming District Manager in Xerox’s last place district, Puerto Rico. Within two years, Puerto Rico became number one is sales in the US. That’s how ambition turns into opportunity. Results, driven by performance and discipline. Opportunity for some, not all. Not yet.

We want to be ready. Competitors have ambitions. Virgin Galactic is getting closer every day. In the meantime, we need to get ambitious. Dan Hicks is a great choice for our community as the new executive director of the spaceport.

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