Spaceport must be aggressive in attracting tenants, new CEO says

spaceport_america_logo_detailSpaceport America in southeast New Mexico was built for one specific purpose: commercial space travel. However, that hasn’t happened yet.

With the future of space travel still on hold, the state’s Finance Authority Oversight Committee had some questions for Spaceport America’s new CEO, Daniel Hicks. The committee wanted to know if the money for Spaceport America was well spent.

Hicks believes they need to diversify and be aggressive to get more tenants.

“One of the things I’m focused with, the team is strategically looking at what are the best targets we can really go for,” Hicks said. “What makes sense in the launch industry and the transport industry today?”

The space tourism industry has become more competitive nationally and even internationally. One of the spaceport’s main tenants, Virgin Galactic, is hoping to finally have commercial passengers going to space by 2018.

That will be a big boost, but committee chairman Sen. Joseph Cervantes isn’t completely sold.

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