Spaceport America Cup will boost the business community

LAS CRUCES – June is typically a slow month for most local businesses. School is out and many college students travel back home for their summer break. June is also the time of the year when people plan their summer vacations. Many families pack their belongings and travel to their favorite vacation destination. This can also cause a decline in sales for some businesses. If you are a business owner and concerned about your June sales, don’t worry because it could be a better month than expected.

June 19 through 24, Spaceport America will present their first annual Spaceport America Cup. New Mexico will be welcoming 110 teams from universities across twelve countries to compete in the first annual Spaceport America Cup. Students from Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, India, Mexico, Australia, Colombia, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and from states across our great nation will meet for five rocket-filled days in New Mexico.

The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association has hosted 11 years of competition, with over 2,000 students from six different continents has become a new partner of Spaceport America.

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