New Mexico Senate Votes in Favor of Decriminalization Bill

The state of New Mexico has recently had multiple chances to discuss the legalization of cannabis – and considering more and more states are starting to lean in that direction it’s no surprise that lawmakers all over the country are trying to be the first to make it happen through legislature. Unfortunately, only a few days ago New Mexico’s House Business and Industry Committee tabled the idea of legalization for the time being – but now the Senate passed a decriminalization bill with a 33-9 vote.

Senate Bill 258 was introduced by Senator Joseph Cervantes and would turn possession of a half-ounce or less into a non-criminal charge, with a $50 fine; amounts over this and up to eight ounces would remain a misdemeanor offense. But luckily, less than a half-ounce would be no more harmful to citizens than a parking ticket.

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