Microbrewery Moving Forward in T or C

In today’s Herald:

The microbrewery planned for T or C is moving forward, albeit slowly. State and federal licensing and technical planning considerations are taking a little longer than the owners anticipated.

“Because of the scope of the commercial renovation, we’ve needed to hire a team of engineering professionals to make sure everything is done exactly right,” said John Masterson, co-founder of the brewery.

Masterson, who is starting with brewery with his wife Marianne, moved to T or C from Seattle in June.

“These things take time,” he continued, “but we’re committed to moving forward and are still anticipating a winter opening day.”

The brewery, slated to open at 410 Broadway in downtown T or C, will offer handcrafted ales and lagers, New Mexico wines, ciders, and mead, and live music on selected evenings.

Folks interested in following the progress are encouraged to follow the brewery on Facebook and sign up for the monthly newsletter at www.torc.beer.