How to Get Free Press For Your Business

What would it be worth to you have favorable front page news about your business? Positive media coverage is more trusted and more likely to be noticed by readers than paid advertising, so you should be seeking what’s known as “earned media” for your business as often as you can.

But what to say? Why should the media cover your business?

Here’s a sampling of ideas from around the web:

  1. Winning an award
  2. Launching a new product or service
  3. Partnering with a charity
  4. Releasing a new report, data, or an article
  5. Helpful tips for getting the most out of your product or service
  6. Interesting background of your supply chain, ingredient sources, etc.
  7. Explanation of how your values affect your business
  8. Opening a new location
  9. Inspirational story of overcoming a business challenge
  10. Hosting or teaching a seminar
  11. Partnering with another business
  12. Changing your processes, methods, or tactics
  13. Hosting a contest
  14. Revealing industry scams or tricks
  15. Making predictions for your industry
  16. Holiday events
  17. Hosting a tour of your facility
  18. Providing free product/service to a nonprofit
  19. Taking steps to become more sustainable
  20. Hiring new key talent
  21. Celebrating a milestone or anniversary
  22. Attending or exhibiting at a trade show
  23. Securing new financing for growth
  24. New website launch
  25. Customer profiles, interviews
  26. Interview a competitor or partner
  27. Joining an industry association
  28. Sponsoring a concert or event
  29. Participating  in professional development events
  30. Adopting a new mission or vision statement
  31. Deep dive into a specific aspect of your business
  32. Making a free consultation available
  33. Launching a referral or affiliate program
  34. Arrival of exciting new inventory
  35. Serving a celebrity
  36. Providing volunteers to an event
  37. Changing the name of a product or service
  38. Announcing a public appearance
  39. Setting up a customer advisory group
  40. Creating a new customer loyalty program
  41. Announcing that you are available to speak on topics of your expertise
  42. Announcing the results of a survey or research you’ve conducted
  43. Announcing a store redecoration or remodel
  44. Celebrate a longtime employee’s hiring anniversary
  45. Serving on a nonprofit board or public committee
  46. Piggybacking on current events
  47. Congratulating staff accomplishments
  48. Providing insider tips
  49. Announcing a new division
  50. Announcing a new crowdfunding campaign

Write your press release in newspaper article style:

  1. Present the most important facts in the first sentence, then follow up with supporting information
  2. Don’t use vague or overly emotional language — except as part of a quoted remark
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Be specific with time and place
  5. Avoid personal pronouns (I, we) — except as part of a quoted remark

By writing your press release in a style that mimics a newspaper article, you are helping the newspaper or other media outlet get the information in front of their audience quickly. Make it easy for them!

Don’t forget to send it to!

Advertising is expensive.  Start writing press releases to earn free media to grow public awareness of your business — and your sales figures!