How NM businesses can get involved in the film industry

If you think your business has nothing to do with New Mexico’s film industry, you’re probably wrong.

“A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that their business is probably not something that the film industry is interested in,” said Don Gray, contract location coordinator for the New Mexico Film Office. “What the industry needs access to is vast, unpredictable at times, and encompasses a lot of things you would never even think of.”

Here are Gray’s tips for getting a piece of the pie:

  1. Set up an account at to get your business on the New Mexico Film Office’s online directory. The directory provides resources for production companies working in the state, so, if a company needs what you sell, they can easily find you.
  2. Answer the phone.“The film industry runs on an extremely intense timeline,” Gray said. “Whoever picks up the phone first is likely to get the business.”
  3. Don’t jack up prices. “You have to resist the urge to overcharge because it’s Hollywood that comes knocking on your door,” he said. Often businesses think film productions have extra money to overspend on goods and services, but Gray cautions that people in the industry are “savvy shoppers” who will only be driven away by price increases.


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