Help Wanted Roundup for Fri Dec 9, 2016

Businesses: submit your jobs and press releases.    Job Hunters: Check previous roundups.

Education Jobs:

  • Substitute Teachers – a workshop for anyone interested in becoming  substitute teacher in T or C will be held on Jan 18 at 9 AM at 108 Date St. Call 575-894-8166 to RSVP.
  • Educational Assistant – T or C Schools. Call (575) 894-8187.
  • Special Ed Assistant – T or C Schools.

Medical Jobs:

City and County Jobs:

Hospitality Jobs:

  • Spa attendant – La Paloma – apply in person at 311 Marr St. in T or C
  • Housekeeper – Riverbend Hot Springs – apply in person at 101 Austin St.
  • Housekeeper, laundry, homemaker – Sierra Health Care, apply in person at 1400 N Silver


Skilled Labor Jobs:


Office Jobs:


Food Service Jobs:

Retail Jobs: