Foch Street Improvement Planning Process Begins

This week in Truth or Consequences, MainStreet and city staff met with landscape architects from MRWM to discuss improving Foch Street between Main and Broadway in downtown Truth or Consequences.

MainStreet Truth or Consequences was this year’s recipient of the “Great Blocks” grant, which pays for the production of construction documents associated with a dramatic upgrade of a three-block commercial area. Potential upgrades include curbs, gutters, pavement, sidewalks, and pedestrian amenities, new lighting, floodwater mitigation, plants and trees, public art, or other public infrastructure improvements envisioned by the community.

The architects’ first task is to review the existing conditions, including zoning, topography, planning history, and utility schematics.

Community meetings to be scheduled in January/February will then inform their design process, and the completed construction documents are due by the end of June.

The $72,000 grant (plus a $20,000 city contribution) pays only for construction documents, but having those documents opens doors of opportunity to receive various infrastructure improvement grants that can be used over the next 3-5 years to implement the project.

The upgrades are intended to be catalytic and inspire private sector investment in the commercial properties nearby.  Previous recipients include Raton, Las Vegas, and Tucamcari.

Editor’s Note: Have ideas for how to improve Foch Street downtown? Contact MainStreet, or let us know below and we’ll pass it along: