Economic incentives help Tucumcari thrive

Ed. note: The author is Mayor of Tucumcari.

The last few years have been good to Tucumcari — in large part due to the fact that we’ve had the tools and opportunity to grow and develop our economy. Looking back at the last six or so years, it’s hard to deny that we’ve seen some great successes. There have been good jobs created and investments made. And not just here in Tucumcari, but across the state. These are things we couldn’t have accomplished without effective economic incentives championed by Gov. Susana Martinez.

I’m referring to programs the governor has been dedicated to funding, like the Job Training Incentive Program; the state’s closing fund; the Local Economic Development Act, also called LEDA; and maybe most important to our community, New Mexico MainStreet — not to mention the dozens of tax cuts she’s implemented.

 All of these programs and incentives together bring economic growth to small communities like ours. It’s not hard to see how a 22 percent cut to corporate taxes and the growth and expansion of Job Training Incentive Program and the Local Economic Development Act bring in business. And people in Tucumcari have reaped the benefits.