3 New Mexicans to know who are allies to the business community

I often talk about the need to create a stronger private, for-profit sector and more jobs that create wealth, and therefore the ability to pay taxes and donate funds to support nonprofit missions. However, let me be clear that there are several strong partners to New Mexico’s business community seated in the nonprofit and public sectors. These are individuals working diligently to create jobs or recruit companies or educate our children to allow them to become job creators one day.

Here are three New Mexicans to know from the nonprofit and public sectors who are great partners of the business community.

1. Matt Geisel, New Mexico secretary of economic development. Geisel, who took his post in October, spoke at Economic Forum Wednesday about the growing strength of New Mexico’s economic development abilities. We are fielding more offers and generating more success than 10 years ago, he told the executive audience, and the momentum is strong. However, if the Legislature cuts back on economic development incentives, it will take New Mexico out of the running for many considerations, he said. Geisel was formerly Rio Rancho’s economic development and business relations manager. Geisel also previously served as vice chair of the New Mexico Economic Development Partnership.


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